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Thursday, 21 October 2004


Desert Cat

Up to four from one?

Can't count mom, y'know. ;)

Joining the Alliance and participating in their silliness is one way to up your hits. Becoming assimilated into the .mu.nu collective is another. ("Join us! We LIKE new members. :) It's easy! The Reverend Pixy Misa will set up everything for you. Join us! It's easy. It's inevitable. We are Munuvia! Moo Noo! Moo Noo! MOONOO!!" Agh! No! Wake up! Oh thank heavens, it was only a dream...)

That and being all over the place all of the time in the comments at other people's blogs (my preferred method), will eventually get you noticed.


...*and* it's more fun!

; >


The infamous E-Claire! Welcome, La Professora Moonbatology! Please, peruse the site and enjoy.

Desert Cat: I don't have any idea if Mom even reads this.

Two new comments from two real bloggers... invoking the Puppy Blender has obviously been a success!

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