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Friday, 25 February 2005


doktor x

I dig the quotation regarding a 12 gauge. Personal experience has taught me that it is the tool of choice when dealing with rogue milk jugs. http://doktor-x.spymac.net/26May2004/26May2004-Pages/Image5.html


Great post. And I love your site. As I keep having to explain to people, our founding fathers did not give us the right to keep and bear arms. They required that each man of voting age own a shoulder arm, side arm, equipment and ammunition requisite with serving as a soldier of the line. Further more, that said individuals be organized and participate in militia drill at regular intervals. Not because you feel like it, not because you want to. Because it is our duty as voting citizens. Since the majority of people are lazy slugs, who do not wish to be responsible for their own actions, much less defense, we find ourselves in the current position of a tiny minority screeching about how no one should be allowed to defend themselves or even possess firearms. Thus endeth the sermon. Later on, Bro.

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