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Friday, 13 May 2005



You know what the real problem is with this? There AIN'T ENOUGH TIME! to read it all!

Ernst Blofeld

I dunno--if you're VERY, VERY careful, and have good sightlines, it's not unreasonable to take a coyote with a .22. You'd probably have to shoot over bait, and fire from inside the house/garage to cut down on the sound signature. If you're shooting against a berm it could be doable.

Of course, you should never tell anyone about what you're doing. Shoot, shovel, shut up.


I live southwest of your parents near Schaumburg. One of my neighbors told me the other day that a coyote was wandering the street during the day. I walked into the house and advised my wife that I needed a short range weasel gun. Her answer was that she bought me a new gun for Christmas. Not quite what the answer I was looking for. :-( I was thinking about the SA SOCOM that the American Rifleman thought would make a great Fathers Day gift.

I think as soon as someones pet gets eaten here the village might wake up. Even more when someone decides to shoot one attacking Fluffy. Not sure what approach to take to keep my pooch safe.

Jerry the Geek

Who do we have to suck up to, to get SondraK into Oregon for a BloggerFest?

I just found her website last week, and was immediately intrigued. She's bright, witty, personable and Gorgeous. Think "Miss Congeniality" with an attitude.

Rivrdog, Gullyborg, Sondrak ... are there any more Oregon/Washington gun-nut bloggers out there?

How do


Well Jerry, I guess you need to suck up to HER!

There are several sympathetic Oregon bloggers in the "locals" section on my left sidebar.

Mr. Completely

Washington gun nut blogger reporting! Guns, fishing, more guns, humor, and general weirdness. www.mrcompletely.blogspot.com Just posted a new "Postal Match" like none other...
Located on Whidbey Island. We've got coyote prob's too.


Hey, I'm PREPARED for the zombie invasion! I even practice all the time by playing lots of Resident Evil. :)


Kit, in your zombie pic, you are holding a .223, which is fine for close quarters combat against the living, but not so great against the undead. You should be watching your zombie movies while holding a Benelli M-1 12 ga autoloader!

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