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Friday, 08 July 2005



Gonzales isn't doing a good job as an AG. but that's a trick statement since he is enforcing unconstitional laws as every Ag since 1934 has done. His views on gun control...well you know.

But not speaking ill of fellow republicans is more akin to a curse than good advice. Sure, an R beside the name is better to ya'll than a D, but criticism within the party is a much neglected neccesity if you want to keep the party somewhat unified. I understand wanting to present a united front against the left, but what good does that do when a good chunk of your own party pushes their goals?

Anyway, thanks for hosting this thing. We all appreciate all the work you & the other hosts have put into it.



Like I said, if Gonzales is nominated, feel free to bring up concerns about his credentials. Until then, however, I think it is best to tell Bush what qualities we are looking for, rather than what people we are not.

Ken Summers

Another excellent Carnival, buddy.

BTW, be sure to pop over to Springfield and say Hi to my grandpa, k? Next time I get up that way to see him, I'll buy you a beer.


The thing that makes me quite uneasy about Gonzales is that he has been endorsed by LULAC. That immediately throws up warning flags, for me.

Jerry the Geek

Two comments:
"Skip collapsed on the firing line at a .50 caliber meet in Raton New Mexico with a ruptured spleen last week. He died Friday from complications."
When I go, I want to "collapse on the firing line". I can do without the complications.

The Single Stack Championship match in Albany starts tomorrow (Saturday, July 9) at 9am. I remain phlegmatic about my expectations. SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is bouyant with encouragement which sounds to me much like wishful thinking. I don't know. I just spent six hours helping set up the stages, and it is a gruelling (very challenging) set of courses of fire. I would love to shoot it with my Open gun. Trying to hit the targets while using a gun I can't see the sights of, however, is discouraging.

SWMBO has promised to take a lot of pictures at the match. I'll post the best of them Saturday Night on the Cogito Ergo Geek blog.


The weatherman predicts nice weather.

We'll see.


You must see the picture to believe it. Its true and funny.


(July 8, 2005) The peace-loving, aging, guitarist rock stars at Live 8 concert forgot to send the most importan gift - the Guitar-Machine Gun - along with the copy of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to Zimbabwe's benevolent socialist thugocrat and the left's favorite dictator Robert Mugabe's starving slaves.

July 6, 2005 post

Sleepless in Midland

I've only gotten about half way down the list so far, and I have to say that there is some fascinating stuff linked here!

And thanks for linking me, too.


Hah! Good pun!

I am a BIG fan of Arms & the Law. Paratus is new to me though - The Carnival is such a great way to find new links!


I enjoy the carival Gully and I second the motion for an Ann Coulter nomination.


BTW, I clicked a few of your ads (the left wing ones, he he) to contribute towards the purchase of that Ruger.


Yes, always click every left-wing ad you ever see on any right-wing blog!

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