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Carnival of Cordite Submitters

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Friday, 12 August 2005



Don't change a thing! You have the perfect format. It's simple, it's discriptive and synoptic.

I'll be thinking of you, stranded in the Soviet of Eugene, whilst I bang-bang at the Blasto.

Cowboy Blob

Excellent carnival!

Actually, the Bushie is only one of two rifles I regularly compete with. The 3-Gun refers to matches that feature a 3-Gun (rifle/pistol/shotgun) format. You oughtta try it!

Mr. Completely

Congrats to Countertop, a well deserved honor!!!

Ken Summers

Westley Richards....[drool]


I only wish that the powder charge concludes the handloading treatise. We haven't touched on putting the bullet in. Without a bullet it's not much of a round.
Went gun shopping today, found a sporterised 1903 Springfield in the wonderful .30-06 cartridge. Barrel length, 23 inches, Buehler safety, Timney one-stage trigger and an inexpensive scope on good mounts and rings, in all it hit my Visa card right at four hundred bucks. Range report coming up.


If any of the Carnivaleers (is that a word?) has a Shooting Chrony, I would like to see some velocity reports on ammo fired from regular guns, as opposed to the factory numbers the manufacturers give us on their ammo (usually fired from "test barrels"). Just curious about it.


Content suggestion. How to attract people to the shooting sports. How do newcomers even find out what is going on in their area?


Personally? I'd think having groups like the NRA break down and put some money into getting some advertising time on TV or in newspapers, gun ranges themselves too if they can afford it. Hell, even a newsletter campaign suggesting how to buy a gun, use a shooting range, and listing some nearby locations.

A major preventative to prospective gun owners is that they have no idea where to go. Unless they know a gunnie, the only way to find a gun store or shooting range is to grab the yellow pages. Not a recipe for a good time; even the best store is unlikely to give perfect advice. To recruit sucessfully, we actually have to find a way for newbies to enjoy their first run. The Brady Bunch knows this; that's why they've focused so much on waiting periods and endless piles of paperwork. We've got to counter that, or at least make it more reasonable.

Also, I think anarchangel's last gun guide might have fit in this Carnival:


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