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Friday, 26 August 2005


Zendo Deb

Firearms are the best way for the modern woman to fend off stalkers, ex-boyfriends and others who "just won't take no for an answer."

The idea that we can't take care of ourselves is Victorian era bullsh*t. We can, and anyone who reads my blog will find many examples of women who do take care of themselves - sending their abusers to the hospital or the morgue.


What role should firearms play in the life of the modern woman? Exactly the role she wants them to play. While I believe that everyone, man, woman and none of the above alike should have a minimum of firearms training, early like fifth grade, for safety reasons, I ain't arrogant enough to think that I can decide for any woman, much less 'modern women'.

My wife is uninterested in guns and shooting. She knows enough about them to not hurt anyone by accident and she is a good enough shot that if someone were trying to hurt her they'd have holes in them.

My daughter enjoys shooting and now, as an adult, wants to try her hand at deer hunting with my (now her?) little Marlin Carbine. I didn't mind giving up that three inch S&W Model 60 when she went away to college, I'm gonna miss that Carbine. Sigh.

Sailor Republica

What role do modern women play in regards to firearms?

Two words: Patient Assassins


As much as she wishes. They're overall the best method of self-defense against attack; and when given a chance to learn how to shoot, they usually(in my experience) find out that a: it's not that hard, and b: it's fun.


I agree with Mark. It's a heckova lot of fun! Becoming proficient with a home defense firearm adds to a woman's sense of confidence, as does carrying one outside the home for self defense (if you happen to live in a "shall issue" state). Plus, shooters are by-and-large the nicest people.


You've got some great stuff here, as usual.


That chick's got my gun! It's exactly my HK-91 right down to the flip-up Uncle Mike's scope covers. But mine's in the safe. I think....

Who is she!

Charlie (has the HK collapsible stock too ;)


You'll be pleased to know that I'm headed to a two-day precision rifle class in Billings, Montana over September 10-11 (theough http://www.pgpft.com), and John will be accompanying me. I'll see that the camera is around and maybe he can snap some action shots for you. I'll be using John's CZ550 for that one, since I'm still shopping around for The Perfect .308 Battle Rifle.



Read the comment directly below yours. That's her.


The perfect .308 battle rifle is still the M-1. The only question is which configuration do you need? Therefore, the answer is to buy one of each! Looking forward to your next photo shoot.

Speaking of the M-1, yours truly is very, very sad to say he had to sell his in order to keep attending law school. So if any of you readers out there would like to contribute to the "help Gullyborg replace his M-1" fund, please click on that Amazon box up on the left.


What a silly and insulting question. The same place books, chairs, jumper cables, and bars of soap should play in the modern man's life.

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