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Carnival of Cordite Submitters

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Friday, 09 September 2005


Tyler D.

Now this is the type of Carnival I like to see. It may take me three days to read all the articles.

Great Carnival Gully.


Thank you for the linkage, Gullyborg.

I didn't even think of sending in links for this special edition of the CoC, but last year, I started a disater self help series: By Ourselves, For Ourselves (just click cancel on the password box that pops up)


My archives are out of whack right now, so we're missing Parts 1 & 2 that dealt with firearms and ammunition, but they were simply; One long gun and one handgun for every member of the household, plus spares for friends who come to help. 5k in long gun ammo for each gun and 1k in handgun ammo for each gun.

Hope you don't mind me putting htese here, Gullyborg.

Jay Kominek

I don't remember exactly where the bARbie-15 came from, but I'm pretty sure its tale involves a girl under the age of 10. So it isn't as though someone thought it needed to be made that way for a woman.


just making a little humor there...


"TFS Magnum has his idea of a survival rifle:"

TFS Magnum, a.k.a Zendo Deb is a SHE, not
a he.


mucho apologies!

will correct !!!


Will you be doing any more "how to survive" type post in the next carnival? I have one for you if you do.


Any post relevant to firearms will be accepted. Please feel free to send it in.

Here is a handy form:



"Essential guns" ......lets see, there are five of us in the tribe and all but one has firearm expierence, so here goes.
1. Four double action SW .38 specials, with leather.
2. Two 1911's with leather, with five loaded mags each. and two .45's locked away in a "hidy hole" and five more mags.
3. Two .45acp revolvers with mucho moon clips already loaded. and leather...locked in the hidy hole.
4. Two Rem 870's in twelve gauge with us, and one single shot 12 left in the hidy hole.
5. One Mak 90 with 7 loaded mags. would like two but only have one...
8. either a .243 bolt action, or a marlin lever gun. I like the lever, but others in the tribe have shot the bolt. one rifle will stay in the locked hidy hole.
9. 22. rimfires in bolt action, and a SW 617. others locked away in the hidy hole.
10. extra ammo in the hidy hole, along with other survival essentials...and various other guns (.44, 9mm, 32. .25, etc etc).
...So that looks like a sidearm plus backup for all the shooters, plus two shotguns and two rifles. sounds good to me. what about you?

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