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Thursday, 08 September 2005



this is really great that Atkinson was willing to meet with the bloggers.

it is a completely different approach and I think it is a great new approach to actually reach out to the individual people and be available.

I am sorry that I was not able to attend as well, but I will continue to support him on my blog.


Sounds great Gully.

However a word on the Public Employee Unions (PEUs). Though they may seem unhappy with Gov. K. They will never leave a DemocratICK candidate in a general election.

They will always, always be in their corner.

Which is why PEUs should be illegal.


Wow! I had to look at the picture twice! And then one more time. At first I thought you'd Photoshopped yourself into the picture twice ... and then realized that Sailor might be your distant cousin. Man! You two look related!!!


And oh yeah ... Atkinson sounds like the real deal. Let's hope he keeps to the the impressions he gave you and can impart those same impressions to Republicans, libertarians, fence-sitters, Democrats-afraid-to-cross-over-even-though-their-party-has-left-them-behind, and new voters ... My daughter will be able to vote in the next gubernatorial election, and I'll make sure she (and hopefully her young friends) are actually listening and *thinking* about what they're hearing and then vote accordingly.


In the words of Forrest Gump, "we are not related."

For the record, I'm the one with the tie...

Sailor Republica

Hey, Coyote! Knowing the way I know the SEIU, and since it isn't beholden to the AFL-CIO, it's quite possible that they could go Atkinson. All we can do is wait and see on this.

FMIL, We're not related. I'm the one in the middle with the stupid grin that could christen 1000 ships.

Everyone, Atkinson is the real deal. We need to fight and work hard for this guy.


Also, Sailor is taller than me. He is slouching and I am standing up as straight as possible to avoid being dwarfed by Atkinson. That man is TALL!

scott r

"While the J.D. waits for the injury to occur, the M.B.A. must predict what will go wrong and stop it before it happens, otherwise businesses fail."

You can't be serious. What are you, straight through undergrad to law school? Only a "J.D cnadidate" with such a limited perspective could draft such drivel.

Today, I visited your blog for the first time. I actually was interested in this column and in learning more about Atkinson, but no longer. You have now completely turned me off from this candidate. I will be sure to pass the word to other conservative friends in the legal profession (many of whom hold MBAs in addition to their JDs). They can draw their own conclusions.

Two tips for Atkinson:

(1) Don't differentiate your product (ie. you) out of the market.

(2) Pick you PR mouthpieces more carefully, or at least review their work prior to publication.

Sailor Republica

Scott, it is quite shortsighted of you to disregard a candidate so early in the race just because of one small remark given to an opinion columnist.

You, Scott, should be ashamed of yourself.

Sailor Republica

I should correct myself, it's supposed to read:

"one small remark given BY an opinion columnist."


Scott R sounds like a flamer and a liar. And if he read my bio, he'd know that NO, I am not just some dumb young undergrad-direct-to-law-school but a 6 year USAF veteran, a former engineer in the high-tech industry, now a middle-aged man entering a new career.

I doubt Scott R has anything to do with the legal profession. For one thing, lawyers spell better. For another, they know to do a little research before writing.

And no, Senator Atkinson didn't "pick" me to be a "PR mouthpiece." I sought out Atkinson and he responded, knowing full well I was free to write my honest opinion about him. It's that little thing I have on my side, you know, the FIRST AMENDMENT?

A lawyer would know about that.


...and, a quick check of his IP address shows he is commenting from Southern California... suspicious? Nah...


I agree with Gullyborg about the JD vs MBA mentality (and seeing as how Gullyborg is a JD candidate, for him to say it appears to be the opposite of ignorant student drivel).

I wonder if any studies have been done about the political breakdown of elected officials by degrees and party? I suspect that such a study would reveal that the lawyers holding office are predominantly liberals/democrats, while the businessmen are predominantly conservative/republicans.

It makes sense, seeing as how liberals tend to "feel" while conservatives tend to "think."

scott r

Sailor Republica:

It's not just the words of Gullyborg.

To my mind, those words now are associated with Atkinson. Does Atkinson share Gullyborg's views? I don't know. But if he does, I want no part of him.


I will give you a pass on your vitriol, since I came to your blog and flung a criticism your way. Hey, it riled me up to see that kind of thinking, because, in my experience, it is not accurate. Also, in my opinion, it is a terrible way to differentiate the candidate.

But please wait until you've studied Constitutional Law before expounding on the First Amendment - a J.D. candidate should know that the invocation of rights under the First Amendment first requires "state action." None of that is to be found here on the blog. ;)

scott r

P.S. Excuse the typo in my previous posting, the words should have read "J.D. candidate."


By your logic:

Scott R is a jackass who eats babies while worshipping Satan naked.

It's not just the word of Gullyborg. To my mind, those words are now associated with Scott R.

Sailor Republica

Everyone's gotta have a hobby, Gully.


...and I've had 4 Constitutional Law courses. The invocation of the First Amendment is appropriate when considering political speech in the context of pressure by a sitting government official to exercise prior restraint of opinion--the government official IS a representative of the State.


Sheesh! You guys look better in text.

I am sooooo in.


I have been an Oregon voter for over 30 years waiting for a good candidate for governor. JA sounds like the "real deal" but I've been fooled before. When he starts to look more viable as a candidate Willamette Week will try to do one of their "special" articles and Jason's handling of the article will tell me what I need to know about his character. Mannix will never get another vote from me, neither will TK.


Jason sounds good. Apparently he doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth as other politicians do.



I read the post. I read the comments. I read the JD/MBA bit. I re-read it all.

Gullyborg is on to something, and lawyers shouldn't take offense.

Nowhere does Gullyborg suggest that an MBA mentality is ALWAYS better than a JD mentality, or that businessmen are always better than lawyers.

From what I gather, Gullyborg recognizes the value of a JD (especially since he is in law school). He says that they serve a role in getting people relief. That is a GOOD thing. It is a necessary thing. But it is the right qualification for a Governor?

We need lawyers in government. Our courts wouldn't function without them. Perhaps we need some lawyers in the legislature. After all, a body the MAKES law should UNDERSTAND law. But a legislature also needs other experts. Legislatures make policy. A good policy decision must be an informed policy decision. Legislatures makes laws about crime, taxes, public health, education, agriculture, etc. It makes sense that a good legislature would have some lawyers, some accountants, some doctors, some teachers, some farmers, etc.

And then there is Governor. The Governor is the chief executive of the state. It makes sense that a Governor, by nature, GOVERNS. It seems to me that there is a strong argument in favor of choosing a Governor with a strong business sense. This is training for LEADERSHIP.

So lawyers reading this should recognize that it is NOT a knock on lawyers. It is a recognition that legal training is ideal for certain positions in government, but not all.


Please clone Mr. Atkinson and send him to Texas. He might be the only one who can stop the Kinkster takeover.

BTW, I am a lawyer and not offended by the MBA/JD comparison, even though it's untrue as applied to ME.

Rod Willett

How about some really hot issues?
Gay rights, abortion?
Also, any skeletons in his closet that could derail the campaign in the final weeks?



On the "hot" issues, Senator Atkinson has solid conservative credentials. But more importantly, he has the diplomatic skills necessary to avoid (at least, more so than Mannix) the "knee-jerk anybody-but-him" reflex that is going to come from the radical left.

Sure, the most hard-core no-restrictions-on-abortion and the most hard-core everything-for-gays crowd is going to go ballistic over Atkinson. They will over any conservative. But Mannix's biggest liability (in my opinion) isn't his shaky fundraising, but his knack for sending up flashing red light alarms and "danger Will Robinson" vibes among moderates, who normally aren't as concerned with abortion and gays as they are with things like schools, taxes, and crime.

I think (and again, this is just my early impression) that Atkinson can keep the moderates focused on their own causes, instead of getting worried over a supposedly-too-extreme right-wing agenda.

Mannix CAN'T win in Oregon, because he drives moderates away. Atkinson can pull them in without sacrificing conservative principles.

As for the skeletons... no idea. They haven't come up in his bids for the House or Senate, so it is hard to imagine them coming out now.

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