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Friday, 07 October 2005



It's getting a bit arcane out there with the SBR and AOW folk. These folks are either diehard fans of apocalyptic fiction or they haven't read their ballistic tables.

All centerfire rifles and shotguns require barrels over 16" to maximize performance. If you don't believe me look it up in ballistic tables (if you can, there are few ballistic tables published for the short-barrel folks).

The serious gunner pays attention to things like the ballistic performance of their chosen caliber/guage. That serious gunner is well capable to modifying thier battle tactics to utilize a weapon with a proper-length barrel as opposed to a sawed-off (SBR) that no one has compounded or even speculated the ballistics for.

All this talk of sawed-off weapons with pistol grips instead of even rudimentary shoulder stocks may play well in Hollywood, but it won't win many gunfights on the S.H.T.F. battlefield.


I got in a little late for the Carmival, but Louisiana has an elegant solution to the "guns in cars" problem.

You can read all about it over at my blog: http://pawpawshouse.blogspot.com/2005/10/florida-gun-law.html


Maybe it's the people I know but has anyone else noticed that older shooters have a tough time keeping the trigger finger straight when picking up a gun - exp handguns? My bro-in-law is really bad about this. Glocks aren't forgiving in this manner...


I'm really happy to see that old picture of the "homeboy" sights. I saw that picture a few years ago and managed to somehow lose both the pic and the link. I was trying to hunt it down again just a few weeks ago. Excellent!

Les Jones

al: the practice of keeping your finger outside of the trigger guard is relatively new. As far as I can tell, Cooper introduced it as part of his four rules of safe gun handling. Before that, people ran around all the time with their fingers on the trigger.

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