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Friday, 14 October 2005


Mr. Completely

I consider it an honor to be picked as blog of the week, and I'm glad that everyone is enjoying the posts at Mr. Completely.. Thank you!

If you ever make it to Western Washington, I've got keys to the range......

...........Mr. C.


Squib load story. Just before Oregon started their CHL program, my dad, who had applied in advance for one, decided he needed some practice on the range, so I brought him up to the police range.

We were shooting with an empty lane in between us, he with a Walther PP in .380 and I with a .38.

Used to range sounds, I wasn't affected by the normal POW sound of the Walther, but then I saw my dad raise the pistol out of the corner of my eye and fire, but the sound was more like PHUT. Red flags. I immediately turned my head (not my weapon) and saw the copper nose of the bullet sticking out of the barrel. I yelled at dad just as he was squeezing off the next round and he stopped just in time.

Sounds can mean life or death. Listen up.


I response to the discussion question: Yes. The more our 2A rights are stomped on, the less chance we have of ever protecting any of the other rights.


Response to the discussion question:

I have to agree with AlanDP. So long as I have my guns, I can protect the rest of my rights myself.

I forget where I read this,but I think it is attributable to H. Beam Piper. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me: A group of people with the right to own guns are citizens. A group of people without that right are subjects.

I choose to be a citizen.


I'm more or less a single issue voter, if the canidate running ain't right on the Second A, it's not very likely he or she will be right on my other issues.
BTW, if you're willing to pay $600.00 on an 8-32X Burris, no wonder you are always broke.

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