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Friday, 21 October 2005


Cowboy Blob

I'm almost self-actualized in the gun stuff department, but I'm celebrating Xmas early when I visit the folks back home in November. Since I don't really need ammo either, I'll take my brother to Walmart on National Ammo Day, where we'll buy each other a buttload of ammo.


And a Leupold 2.5-8! I've been a really good girl this year, honest!

Thanks Gully. ;)


"What gun or shooting-related product do you wish you could get for your next birthday?"

Abolition of FedGov.

A big wish, but what the heck. Screw Washington DC. America's biggest hemmeroid!

How is that gun related? For the same reason Lexington and Concord happened.


Easy question! With money from the next income tax refund, which will come right around my birthday, I'm going to get a lever-action rifle in .357 magnum, probably a Winchester.

Jay Kominek

I want a 20mm Lahti. And 10,000 rounds for it.


What gun or shooting-related product do you wish you could get for your next birthday?

Reloading gear, so I don't have to pay over $2/rd for decent .45-70 or .30-40.


Barrett M82A1

'nuff said

James R. Rummel

I'm always teaching a class for my charity firearm course. Ammo is the biggest expense.

If anyone actually remembered my birthday, I would hope that they'd present me with a nice chiny case of ammunition.


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