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Friday, 28 October 2005


Mr. Completely

Great Carnival. Best yet! VERY cool pumpkin cannons.

.....Mr. C.


Thanks for the kind link, sir, and a word on my deepest fear: that the sources of decent milsurp .303 Brit will totally dry up, leaving me and my No.4 Mk.1 high and dry.

Yes, I could reload, but I'm lazy, and have the bucks for the milsurp, so that is what I prefer to do.


Sean Connery publically supported the 1997 handgun ban in England. He too is a gun fearing sissy boy.

The British are geldings. Stick a fork in Britain, it's done.


True, all the actors have been pretty sad in real life. I'm just saying that at least with the old Sean Connery movies, at least it was clear the CHARACTER appreciated his firepower. I wouldn't be surprised if future Bond movies really did move towards Bond never using a gun, while his enemies are always firing machine guns at him (and miraculously always missing).

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