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Friday, 04 November 2005


Nobody Important

"Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon when Mel Gibson makes a smiley face on his target?"

Remember how much Mel Gibson was flinching?


Don Meaker

5.56mm round works well enough, if fired from a longer barrel. The 14.5 inch barrel of the M-4 is only effective within 100 meters.

Why? If the round impacts flesh at 2700 feet per second or so, it will pitch or yaw and break in half at the cannellure. This makes an effective wound. If it impacts at lower velocity, the round will turn tail end first, and make a .224 inch diameter exit wound.

Now stopping an enemy requires destruction of tissue, that can be done directly (hit the brain and receiver housing, the medulla oblongata, or the spine) or indirectly by blood loss to the same tissues. Blood loss takes a while. Worst case example: Lavoisier was executed by Madame la Guillotine, and was able to blink his eyes for 15 seconds after his head was severed.

This isn't just Theory. It isn't new either. Theodore Roosevelt wrote, in his book on the Rough Riders in Cuba, that US soldiers who where shot in the brain, heart or spine died, but soldiers who were shot anywhere else recovered, and recovered amazingly quickly. The Spanish soldiers mostly used the 7mm Mauser, with occasional 11.43 Remingtons.

The M193 round used in Vietnam is better as a stopper. It is lighter, and has a higher muzzle velocity. The M855 round is a better penetrator. It is heavier, and must have a longer barrel to reach the same velocity.

In real combat a combat squad will have some soldiers providing covering fire while others maneuver. The fire support team will be shooting at known AND SUSPECTED enemy positions. A lot of rounds are fired into places where the enemy is not. Because of that, the ability to keep firing to reduce exposure of the maneuver team is a lot more important than the ability to stop. The 5.56mm round is pretty good at that. Civilian self defense is a different matter. 12 gauge shotguns are 18mm or .73 inches in diameter, and do massive damage to tissue at short range. 20 gauge is nearly as good, with better recoil characteristics. As a civi, you are liable for each round you fire, and you MUST hold your fire until you identify your target and clear the space behind it. (this is better done in advance!!)

The Tavor is a bullpup, so it has a longish barrel with a shortish total length. This lets the 5.56 round be effective. The AUG is also effective. The UK Enfield bullpup is effective, and works even better after a bit of time in the field and the fiddly bits fall off.

I am working to develop my patent (6,079,138) into a bullpup delay blowback rifle/lmg with dual magazines, downward ejection, quick change 24 inch barrel in a 28 inch total length. Low progress is being made. The tough part is I insist that it be able to convert from 5.56mm to 7.62X51 to 12 gauge with a change of barrel and magazine.

Tyler D.

Keep the .223.


Excellent points about the 5.56mm. If you're shooting exposed personnel within 150 meters or so then 5.56 is adequate. Better, you can carry a bunch of it and provide suppressive fire for your buddies to move.

Still, I prefer a round that can penetrate THINGS to get to people. 7.62mm is the way to go for that.

doc Russia

the .223 is a good survival round. In fact, it may be the best survival round. You can use it to hunt small as well as medium sized game. It is effective at engaging unarmored targets and individuals at relatively close range. You can carry a lot of the rounds in a small space and with little weight.
However, I consider rounds which can actually shoot through stuff to be the better combat round.
If SHTF, then 223 is adequate, even maybe ideal. If you are choosing a rifle to go into combat with, you may want to look into something like a .308.


You really put a lot of work into these carnival posts. And it makes for some interesting and entertaining reading!

So from a reader and occasional contributor: THANKS!


I agree with GEO. Thanks Dave.

BTW, when are you going to start a thread on the great social experiment in France that seems to be going a little astray?

I hope you are having a good day.


France will fall, and I will laugh.

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