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Carnival of Cordite Submitters

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Friday, 11 November 2005



I am an FFL holder in Montana, and I would have no problem whatsoever either "adopting" as many firearms as San Franscisco'ers want to send to me or by facilitating sales to Montanans with minimal-to-no transfer fees. Just contact me via my web site. However, my hope is that it won't come to this, and we can get this thing overturned before April!

Thanks for the great Veteran's Day issue Gully. Good work as always.

Daniel Levesque

Hey there! I'm amazed that I actually rated a quote on what is only my third submission ever. You're just being nice to me. :)


Andrew Ian Dodge

Thanks for the link to the band mate! Let's hope all your readers will be humming 'Cry Freedom' when they are blasting the bejesus out of targets with their favourite gun.


Let's try to understand this. The US Constitution says that one can 'bear arms without infringement'. A local community passes a law to confiscate firearms which is in obvious violation of the Constitution. If you are a person with firearms living in that community, why would you voluntarily allow them to be confiscated?


Veteran's Day...Our local paper, the somewhat conservative Rocky Mountain News had one special article and a guest editorial yesterday. Both worth reading, given the focus in this week's Carnival.



Been reading the Carnival for about six weeks now. Can't remember where I found reference, prolly SondraK or Kit. Keep up the great work. And Gully, Thank you for your time serving our country.

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