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Friday, 18 November 2005



It is kind of difficult to admit when you have done something stupid with a gun, after we fight daily with people whose only purpose is to show how dangerous guns are. Well here is my story where I learned my lesson once and for all.

This happened when I was maybe 16, and hunting in the northern Michigan woods with my dad.

I was using a Marlin 30-30 lever action, and was carrying the weapon in one hand with the barrel pointed straight down. I had been playing with the hammer cocking it back, and releasing it into the safe position. I was doing this over and over as I was walking back to camp for lunch.

At first I thought someone was shooting at me. When I felt the buzzing in my foot I looked down to see a nice sized crater in the frozen ground about 3 inches from the edge of my boot. Of all the things I thought about the one that stuck most in my mind was the fact that I had almost become a cripple for the rest of my life. That was the last time that I have done anything so stupid with a firearm in my life.


Jim Peavey

Each summer at NRA Whittington Center, NM a camp for young shooters is held. Called Adventure Camp, it is two weeks of shooting and hunting skills training. Pistol, Rifle, Muzzleloading, and Shotgun are taught by some good people. If you know of a young person who might benefit and enjoy learning, or perfecting his shooting skills please tell about this camp.
Goto www.nrawc.org, NRA Whittington Adventure on the internet for more information.


I was at Black Canyon shooting range in AZ once about ten years ago shooting my ruger 9mm and had a jam. Instead of using my thumb and forefinger to grab the rear end and pull the slide back, I put my hand over the top of the slide to force it back. The range master announced over the PA for me to immediately place my gun on the table pointing downrange and see him now. I sheepishly walked up to him with everyone looking at me and he explained why that was a bad idea as he showed me a nasty scar from a .45 cal bullet that went through his palm when he did that very same thing one day about a year prior. I'll never forget that.


At an outdoor range, shooting a Ruger GP100 .357 in single fire mode (hammer pulled back before pulling trigger), I was about to shoot when I felt an intense pain in my arm. Thinking I had been winged by another shooter, I dropped my revolver and inspected my arm, where a large wasp was still attached and buzzing. After removing the insect and its stinger, I looked down at the range table in front of me, to see my cocked Ruger pointed across the firing line, essentially pointing at several other shooters at their benches. Fortunately nobody noticed, and even more fortunately the gun did not fire when I dropped it on the table.

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