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Monday, 07 November 2005



trackback to your site is toast. but it worked to aaron's. you have my vote.


something isn't working with trackbacks alright. I've got the help desk looking into it. in the meantime, you can always just leave a comment.


Sailor Republica

Woo! Gully for Jack of Spades!

If you are interested in being reciprocal (knowing that I won't win but that I could try): Put me in for the 4 of Hearts? (4th Amendment, Cats (my mascot) = Hearts)


I will do my best to support everyone who supports me.


Oh, Sailor, did you change gender on us? It looks like Hearts are reserved for chick bloggers.


Frank J for joker :-D

Tyler D.

It says Large mammals are eligible so...

Vote For Me!!

BTW I Voted for YOU!

Sailor Republica

Diamonds, Then? Cats are like diamonds.

Jerry the Geek

Cogito Ergo Geek: Four of Clubs

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