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Tuesday, 22 November 2005


SGT Jeff (IRR)

Okay, I'm dumb, I know this... but to vote, all I have to do is click on your link, which brings me right back here, right?

Sailor Republica

Actually, there should be a radio button on the poll, left side of the screen, right next to Resistance Is Futile.



click on the link in the post above to go to aaron's site. then, look at the left-hand side of his blog. scroll down until you get to the poll, and vote for Resistance is futile!



SGT Jeff (IRR)

Oh, way down there... why would I have thought that something so important would be much nearer the top?


I guess because the posts tend to be so long (especially with the comments) that he assumes, since you are reading all of it (for aruments sake), you won't miss the poll.

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