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Friday, 02 December 2005



This great Nation is simmering and if things keep rolling along as they have been I believe the pot might just boil over sometime in the future. The democrats , if they persist in following the path they have chosen are going to literally tear this country apart. And if that is their goal , they're getting awfully close to success. Let's start with the war in Iraq. To begin with I was against the war , but as soon as boots were on the ground and our young men and women were commited to combat , I shut up. I shut up, not because I reversed my position or my belief. I shut up because it was the right thing to do. I did so because as a conscientious American ( not a hyphenated American, though being born in Germany) I will never utter one word that might be construed in such a way that might bring harm to our servicemen and women. Now if I know not to do something that would bring harm to them, then what excuse can elected officials who stand on the floor of the House of Representatives have. Let's forget for now what Nancy Pelosi has said. Let's start with the one they trotted out and hid behind, Congressman Jack Murtha. Yes , Mr, Murtha served in Viet Nam. Yes, Mr. Murtha was wounded and received the Purple Heart. So what, that does'nt make one damn little bit of difference in this matter. Honorable deeds done in the past, are just that. Something that one participated in or did a long time ago. Certainly this is not to say he shouldn't be remembered or honored for those deeds, he should be. But calling for a pullout in the middle of war, a war that by any objective standards we are winning. Yes, I said winning, is absolutely one of the worst actions that I have ever seen taken by a United States federal elected official. That is until this same man, Congressman Jack Murtha comes out and says that the military is broken. With United States Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen currently in combat one of their own Congressmen, comes out and tells the world our military is broken. Now lets throw in all the shameful, no strike that, disgraceful things said and done by various other Leaders in the democrats party. Lets stop all this now. There was no doubt in nineteen ninety-eight and nine, that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Both parties agreed and did so publically. So did most of the civilized governments around the world. There was no doubt in two thousand-three about weapons of mass destruction, either. Again, leaders in both parties knew this along with the rest of the world. Forget the United Nations opinion. Anyone, at least anyone with an I.Q above room temperature knows now the U.N. is finished. The organization has zero credibility. Most of us have realized this for years. Let them go hand out and distribute food and medical supplies, and this should only be allowed with adult supervision. I don't want them on the continent, much less in our country. And forget Vanity Fare covergirl Plame and that goofy husband hanging on her skirt. Those two clowns remind me of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 or one Jethro Bodine's double naught spies, for you youngsters, refer to TV Land. Back to the democrats ( Nationally elected ones) what they are doing has gone way past politics, with their fellow travellers in main stream old media they are dancing with the devil. And many are skirting and flirting with TREASON, and I don't believe we should be skittish about it. If this were reality or say 1944 around early June and these same antics were going on same said people would be run out of the country or tied to a post, given a cigarette and asked if they had any last words to say. And yes it was proper to offer the condemned a cigarette, back then.


Rick Hoffman

Acme Liberation Front


I'm sorry... I could be wrong, but does that screed have ANYTHING to do with guns?

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