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Friday, 27 January 2006


Ken Summers

Another righteous edition, sir!

But one quibble... the .45 is great and all, but you didn't do a paean to the .44 last week. And since I happen to shoot a .44, well... ;)


Shucks, I was hoping to see words regarding the .45 Super Auto, and what it takes to do a 1911 in it.

I've read of the .460 Rowland, a similar idea (to up the pressure in the .45ACP and use a better cartridge case), but it seems that the Rowland is going the way of the dodo bird.

Any .45 Super Auto gunnies out there?

Randle Galneau

Any info on a .460 Rowland conversion on a Auto Ord. M1A1 Thompson carbine? It seems to me that the big Thompson would be perfect to soak up the recoil of the .460 and at the same time would be awesome to shoot!


Wow. I totally want to shoot each and every one of those firearms! My Comanche in .45 Long Colt is a blast but it's not a well-made firearm.

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