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Carnival of Cordite Submitters

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Sunday, 12 February 2006



Nice Job with the carnival!

I put a picture up in a 'shameless blogroll link bleg' that you might like:
Maybe some one could link it ...

Anyway, thanks for the roundup.


Granted, he bagged a pheasant and not a lawyer, but we want him to be Governor of Oregon, not Vice-President.

Roger .45

Over on Neal Bortz's website there is a link to Sarah and Jim Brady's comments about the Cheney hunting accident. As someone who commented to Michelle Malkin's reporting of the accident, "Would Sarah rather hunt with Cheney or go for a ride with Teddy Kennedy?"

Bet the lamestream media won't make that analogy.

Mac Carroll

It's still safer to go hunting with Dick Cheney than it is for a ride with Ted Kennedy.

-keith in mtn. view

Wheew, Jason knows what fun is: M-60 rock and roll!


How's this for a campaign slogan:

Vote for Atkinson: he hits what he's shooting at!

Tammy Brotton

Senator Atkinson for Governor aren't all good Governors and presidents Hunting People Lets Say H Norman wright Book Author hunts and fishes Dr.James Dobson Hunts and fishes and President Bush Hunts and fish,
also I wanted to say Gully when you talk to chicago chicago Needs Jim oberweis for Governor he is like Senator Jason Atkinson here my friend lisa smith who lives in chicago volunteers with her town ship their they do not need Rino Judy.
The Illinois chapter of the Stop the ACLU Coalition will hold our first
monthly meeting on Saturday, February 25th. We will be discussing the
Coalition's goals in general, the ACLU nationally, ACLU issues in Illinois,
upcoming picket in April and things we are and will be doing to slow down
and stop the ACLU. Your ideas and how you can get involved are needed. We
will also let each attendee share their concerns about the ACLU as well as
any personal experiences they have had with them.

Melanie Mills, the assistant to the director, will share briefly about
her experience with the ACLU pertaining to a particular experience she had.

Details of the gathering are as follows:

* WHO: Stop the ACLU Coalition

* TIME & DATE: Saturday, Feb. 25th, appr. 12-12:30 to 3:30-4 PM

* WHERE: Bonanza Steakhouse and Buffet, 1121 Hickox, Lincoln, IL.,
meeting room towards the back

* DIRECTIONS: Take I-55 to Exit 126 and go east on Rte. 10 (right turn
onto Rte. 10 if coming from St. Louis, left turn if coming from Chicago).
Continue about a mile and a half on Rte. 10 (Woodlawn Rd.) until reaching
Rte. 121. Turn left and then turn left again within the next 200 feet or
so, pull onto the frontage road where you will see the restaurant.

* COST: There is no cost to attend the meeting, only for the food,
however, donations of $10 are welcomed (but not mandatory) to help with the
expenses of the Coalition. All meals include their fabulous huge all you
can eat buffet and many are less than $10. The buffet alone is a meal in
itself and runs about $7 per person if you want to skip the steak or other
main dish. Soft drinks and coffee/tea are separate but are unlimited (and
plenteous) on refills. Bring your appetite. This is one place you'll want
to return. We have many times for many years.

The restaurant is Christian run with terrific service and with soft
Christian music played, something that would offend the ACLU.

In addition, we are working to secure (but cannot guarantee) a visit by
one of the Republican candidates for governor of Illinois and the only one
endorsed by the Coalition, Jim Oberweis. If Mr. Oberweis is able to attend,
we will give half the donations to his campaign as a small token of
appreciation for his coming out and will allow him to speak for a short

Tammy and  Anthony Brotton

Hello Gully is their anyway you could send us a copy of those photos
of Jason showing he is pro gun and his hunting this would be good to talk about a few other topics to show how Jason is pro gun the veterans would like that and to show he is a friend of the veterans could u ask Jason a question of how he supports the military our american legion post 75 wanted to know than I could do a story right up for our blog.
sheridan oregon

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