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Sunday, 12 February 2006



Great work Gullyborg. Thanks to all of you who went out there to stand up for a real immigration policy.


That's a great post Gully! I love the first few pictures, it really looks like they set up some kind of... what's the word... border!

Thanks for being there, you are a great American.


One of the best posts I have ever seen.

Great job guys.


As they chanted in unison:

"We didn't cross the border; the border crossed us..."


Dude - you really need to up your dose of prozac or paxil or xanax. Your panties are in WAY too big a knot. Chill out - move to Boise or Phoenix or some other red town. You seem to be on the brink of losing your small supply of marbles there in eugene. Get a grip, man!



How did you end up going to such a liberal school such as U of O? The schools policies seem to conflict with yours.


Good going Gully!

Oh yes, is there such a thing as a Conservative Law School?


Nice notice on the dealer plates. From what I've surmised reselling cars is a great way to make a tax free living. Whats funny is tht the state will enforce people who illegally sell cars without a dealers license (hence the reason for all the dealer's plates).

Also, when someone gets a dealer's plate they don't require emission testing or current registration. The dealer's plate let them drive any car any time.

As for the amount of money illegals make. My bet is that many make well above minimum wage. Especially if they have a skilled trade. Many of the jobs I see immigrants (illegal or otherwise) performing are high skill jobs that most Americans would kill for. Various constructin, vehicle maintenance, CDL driver, high wage manual labor. It seems in the US qualification is a major bar to employment. For illegal immigrants they are much more willing to fake it till they make it.

Thats the real issue, the American school system has itself so wrapped up in qualification and certification Americans don't go after entry level training jobs. They go after what they've done because they don't feel qualified. I don't know where I'd be in life if I followed the instruction from my K-12 which taught me to work hard in school and one day I'd be hired for what I'd train. If I didn't con my way into every skill giving job I've had I don't know where I'd be.

Ginny Paseman

Great pictures. I was there and was shocked that ILLEGAL's have the gall to put signs up supporting their ILLEGAL actions! I am furious with Dave Frohnmayer and our elected officials that are promoting this practice. Every citizen that feels the same way should come to the next carousel when it is announced and help support our cause.

Rick Hickey

GREAT Photos. This is wonderful how this has grown since I started this in Eugene one year ago at the Cesar Chavez School. I am so glad that all the bloggers have jumped on board because you folks are really spreading the word. Look for my interview in The Daily Emerald and YES the Red-Guard did include my quote that we are not against immigration, just ILLEGAL immigration. If you didn't see me it is because I was on the RADIO pitching the rally and will be the Host this Sat. I came about 10 am with Richard Sturm (Radio show guy on 1120 am KPNW)
Hope to see even more in SALEM on the 25th for the next Carousel.
Wednesday, I will be at the "Latino Carreer Fair" at the Portland Convention Center.
Rick Hickey VP-OFIR


Welcome to the war! So nice to see that you all are finally coming around and entering the battle. We warned you a dozen years ago as to what was going on, but no one listened to us crazy Californians.
Now, thanks to no help from the other 49 states for over a decade, we Californians now live in Mexifornia de Aztlan. You all had better step up the volume and the tempo or else you will end up like us: annexed by our corrupt neighbor to the south.
Good show, though.

Jim Gale

Good job. I will try to meet you and Daniel at the Salem event. We are importing poverty, drugs, and disregard for the rule of law. And many Americans welcome them. Soon, this beautiful state will be just like east L.A. Why can't people learn from history?

tom wright

Frohnmayer. For a taste of Frohnmayer's hypocrisy, visit his webpage on OU's website and browse through some of his speeches.

What a phony...his common theme of "responsibility" "trusteeship" "ethics" "America's future" are laughable for a person who is actively aiding and abetting criminals, while demeaning legal immigrants and America's working poor...and using tax dollars to do so. It would amusing to hear him attempt to distinguish his actions from those he ardently chastises for violating public trust, i.e., Ken Lay of Enron.

If he has any dignity, he should resign and create a space for someone with true leadership skills and the genitals to do the job for which Frohnmayer is handsomely paid. Not regarding our nation’s laws as a smorgasbord from which one picks and chooses to honor…such as immigration laws….would be a good start.


My fellow citizens in Oregon!

Now that the Mexican government is in your state trying to infiltrate
and dig their deep trenches in your communities using their illegal citizens.
Expect to be called racists if you decide to protest. And please don't be upset when you are called racist because that is part of their plan to
infiltrate your communities.
After Mexico has dug in you can
expect what we now have in the Golden State of California:

http://www.saveourstate.org (You can purchase the actually videos at saveourstate)
Warning shocking material.



Excellent report & excellent photos

Who says all college students are naive? Obviously, not all of you are braindead, altruistic fools who'll fall for this tripe in the name of "compassion"

Understand, these people who aid & abet the illegal invasion of our country are screwing you out of your futures. It matters not if it's pandering to get votes, or the business world can have a new slave labor class, or even if it's a self loathing politically correct imbecile like Frohnmayer. It all adds up the same, treason

Keep up the fight people. We need you to educate your family & friends. Get involved. We are being sold down the river & we're allowing it to happen


You guys are awesome. I love you for taking a stand in Oregon. Oregon....beautiful Oregon. So far from the border, yet so affected. Yes, folks, coming to a town near you, if you let it.
In LA the MS13 gang charges 50% taxes to it's own people to do "business" there. Funny, they pay taxes to gangs, but not a cent to our system. Oh, gee, I forgot, they pay sales tax when buying merchandise. Whoopie.
I never though I would live to see the day that our President sold out America and it's people. Nine generations of my family fought, died, and cried to make this land what it is today in our military, and these invaders simply come in and take.
My only hope is that there is a better world on the other side of this life, because this life is starting to suck for Americans now. So proud of you all.


It may sound alarmist, but this sort of thing is happening nationwide. Ive heard of stories like this about the support of 'undocumented workers' from states youd expect- CA,AZ,NM,TX... But also you wouldnt,... like NH,NY,VA,ID,and WA. It all seems to motivated towards legitimizing criminal behavior at any price-- entitlements like food stamps and welfare, drivers licences for illegal aliens, the Matricula Consular card being used as a valid ID to open bank accounts, obtain loans. All this, is an affront to those who came the US legally and did what was reasonable and necessary to become a citizen. It is also an affront to the citizen/taxpayer who pays for those entitlements with their taxes. The United States has enough poor to try to take care of, without aiding foreigners who have no allegience or legal standing in this country whatsoever.


I wish we had more good American's like you down here in Southern California. Los Angeles is occupied territory. It's so bad that anti-illegal immigration activists are afraid to protest the Mexican Consulate.


Brian B

And a big thank you to Nancy for demonstrating the level of discourse coming from the Left: No point exept to insult those with whom she disagrees.

James L. Buchal

Why doesn't someone post the plate numbers so they can be tracked? The registrations might be interesting.


I always thought "liberal" was synonymous with pro-immigration. Or at least that's how it's portrayed in the news. Nice posts.

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