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Tuesday, 28 March 2006


Sid Leiken

When Cap Weinberger was VP of the Bechtel Corporation, the largest construction company in the world at the time, a fellow named George Shultz was President. President Reagan clearly knew how to pick the great ones.

Sailor Republica

Welcome to the Borg's blog, Mayor Leiken!

Yes, Gully, this is a sad day. We remember Cap Weinberger this day, and Buck Owens from yesterday.

paranoid conspiracy theorist

Bechtel, Halliburton...

Sid Leiken


Thank you.

Brian B

Mayor LEiken,

I see we're both Roseburg natives. It was an honor to vote for you.

We also lost Lyn Nofziger:

Sid Leiken


Thank you for your vote and yes I am a Roseburg native, born and raised. My family has been involved with the timber and development industry in Douglas County since 1946.

Brian B

Born DCH, 1968, graduated from Douglas HS in 1987. My father was a pastor so we roamed the West Coast in the interim, but this is and always will be home. We lived in Tenmile during my high school years.

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