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Saturday, 01 April 2006



IndianaCowboy? I've never even been to Indiana. I don't even like Indiana. And as a born and raised Texan, I take offense to the fact you'd insult me by implying I"m from such an execrable state.

Just playing around man. You really do the gunblogging community such a great service, I can't say enough about you. Thanks for everything.


Well done Gully. Well done.

-keith in Silicon Valley

At first I was so shocked I wanted to go eat a tofu-burger! But I knew that a tofu-cow had been sensessly killed to provide the burger, and it made me sad. Then I thought of how happy the little cow would be in tofu-heaven and my spirit soared - I think I will go plant a bullet-tree.

Tyler D.

Very Funny Gully.


TRUE AMERICANS: Tomorrow a grassroots campaign will be launched by NUMBERSUSA to contact all of the nations senators and congressmen and present them with their immigration reform report cards. If you are interested in being a part of this movement and not just another voice in the wind, please go to: http://grades.betterimmigration.com/delegation.php3?District=OR
There you will find the record of all the votes that concern immigration reform and your senator and congressmans records. You can print out this card and take it with you to their local offices. Print out extra copies to hand out to others you meet there.
Please go to the NUMBERS USA website and check out the suggested things you can do to make a difference in this desision.
CAUTION: The record of RINO Gordon Smith may cause nausea and distress to those of you who have previously supported Republican candidates.

Ronnie Taylor

You forgot those EVIL Automobiles that KILL 46,000 americans every year

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