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Saturday, 08 April 2006



About the cannister round for the Abrams...I think that would be just the thing for the Alpha Romeo Whiskeys (ARW - acronym for Allah's Waiting Room, where the dunderhead terrorists attack from and then run back to for their big final stand). Not bad for the tankers; almost artillery!


Thanks for another good round-up.

Related (kinda') as BAG (Buy A Gun) Day - April 15, approaches does has anyone heard what happened at Aarons.cc, the BAG Day 'originator's site??

Looks like a WordPress initial screen under a Farsi banner. Strange.

Thanks, again for the roundup.



Yes, I noticed that. Aaron sent me a link on BAG and I couldn't load it.

No idea what's going on. I hope he didn't get hacked.

Aaron's cc:

Been hacked since Friday afternoon. My host (Hosting Matters) says it came from Saudi Arabia through the CPanel. They're still trying to work on it.

I may end up extending BAG Day.

And there is a bit more cause for concern because they had access to my email for a while and I have no idea what personal stuff they might have been able to glean.

I've already been on some of the referrer sites and fed them through Arabic-to-English translators but they're pretty unintelligible except for the glee at taking the site down.

I got some of my files back, so they're still hit with images like here:

Hope to get my blog up soon.


RE 2nd amendment rights:

From the US DOJ:

"For the foregoing reasons, we conclude that the Second Amendment secures an individual right to keep and to bear arms."

complete text at:


Here is a grammatical analysis, by a person with impecable credentials, of the 2nd amendment for you to rebut any antis out there about "the militia". :


Mr. Completely

Great Carnival, one of the best ever!

Thanks for all of the work you put into this........

.......Mr. C.

-keith in silicon valley

Sorry I'm late, that's one helluva scattergun on the Abrams there!

Chief RZ

Keep your powder dry, guns loaded and not locked!
We are winning the 2nd back, one state at a time.

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