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Carnival of Cordite Submitters

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Saturday, 12 August 2006



Great carnival, gully.

Are you armed for when Phil and friends drop by? (You *do* love to push their buttons, don't you?)



Hey, just read the tagline at the top of the blog...


Damn man, ya had to remind me I had a really-really sucky Prom, my date danced with everybody else. Some young dude is a damn lucky fella.


Better (or worse) yet, looking at the picture again makes me think it is a WEDDING photo and not a prom photo. Even though the girl looks very young, take a look at her left hand. And that dress IS white...


People wait around too long before gettin' married these days. ;-) It look like she got her man...and his ordnance, it's an age-old story.


It's a beautiful new twist on a "shotgun wedding!"

Spank That Donkey

I hope you got hired by the most conservative law firm in that blue state of yours, and they demand you take at least one hour out of each of your 12 hour work day to blog, blog, blog!

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