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Thursday, 30 November 2006


Lc Scott

Maybe I could go after suger free Trix cereal?

This woman should not only be tossed out of court. She should be held up as a model of stupid.


Perhaps we should send her to a court emforcing Sharria Law and see how they would handle her crap?

I have a hunch.


I blame the lawyers for high health-care costs. However, there is much to be said for the highway robbery perpetrated by pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries.


ur as stewpid az hour prezedent. tha mor peeple out thehre lik yu hu ar speeking up fur the rite weeng the bedder. i culd cee ya and thaht loony blonde bimber colton on that ther couch togethur at laste. bothe purrfekt fuls. thx!


I, too, can see me and Ann Coulter on the couch together... but don't tell Gullybabe!

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