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Thursday, 12 July 2007


Jim in KFalls

I see the tactic you are posing Gully, the problem is the republicans (not conservatives) can't really afford to pick another fight with the conservative base.

Think Hariet Myers, Port-Gate, Illegal Immigration (Amnesty) bill, etc.

The biggest point of failure in your scenario would occur when the left decides not to oppose it...


Of course you realize, I was being completely facitious.


Gully, I think you were actually being "facetious"


uh, no, it's, uh, a new word!

fah - sit - you- us

it means "bane of liberals"

yeah, that's it...


No, actually, it's an archaic Latin/Jewish pidgin greeting indicating a desire for the person to take a seat. ... it's sad, but there you have it.

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