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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Mike G

Gee, now I feel like my inaugural use of my homemade guanciale was a patriotic duty, and not just porky excess.



oh man, that looks good!



I am so hungry right now.

Coincidentally, for the past few days my anemic little blog has been bombarded with Google searches for bacon. This actually happens every few months. Hits from all over the world looking for bacon.

Ok, now I'm really starting to get hungry. Bacon for dinner!


1. My 36 year old no-name cast iron skillet (original retail, ~$1) works great, and you can use whatever utensils you have handy with no problem.

2. Eggland or whatever - none are as good as those from a good yard bird, gathered a few hours later.


What up Salem Oregon, 13th Street in the house. Nice work.


I love my cast iron! But I still don't use stainless on it. I've seen people put nasty scratches even on cast iron. And besides, it is a lot easier to clean up with nonstick. I save the cast iron for when I really want a good sear, like when I do steaks indoors.

And sadly, not all of us live in places that allow "yard birds." Besides, all the "yard cats" around here would only eat them. So, go for the best store-bought if you live in the city.


It's also a great Rosh Hashannah treat ! ;-)

Very nice. Mayor Bloomberg would plotz.


Damn elitist dissin' the white bread. I suppose you don't drink Bud and PBR or eat iceberg lettuce either.

Carl H

Good job. Also celebrate with a 1911 on 9/11. Put up a photo of Bin Deadawhile and shoot the Grecian formula out of his beard. PBUH. Poop be upon him.


No, I don't drink Bud or PBR. I live in Oregon. Beer means more here.

GM Roper

When you broke the egg yolk I immediately thought what a boob, what a jerk, how could ... D.I.G.U.S.T.I.N.G. Then, I saw that you were making a sandwich... Ahhhh, all's right with the world. Mmmmm, BACON!!!

mindy abraham

Not only will you get a fatwa, you will get the food police after you;) although I rarely eat bacon, that does look good.


"sunny side up" is best when the egg is ALONGSIDE the bacon, not stacked with it...

Bacon is my RIGHT. Islamofacists and gastrofacists be DAMNED!

If only I had the cash to incorporate some foie gras and veal into this recipe, then EVERYONE can be pissed.


Here's a better way: pre-heat your oven to 375, put aluminum foil on a cookie pan, turn up the edges and place the bacon inside.
Cook for 15 to 20 minutes.


No, because then you don't leave the bacon grease in the skillet for frying the egg.

Also, while the oven method may be "easier," it is not "better" because even a really good oven has hot spots and you end up with some bacon burned and some not done. You really need to just suck it up and fry it in a pan.

I will say, however, that if you are cooking a LOT of bacon, go ahead and use the oven. But halfway through the cooking, you will need to pull it out (VERY carefully as you don't want to spill hot grease) and move the strips around so they cook evenly.


You can take Blue-Eyed Infidel out of the "Check Once In A While" section of your left sidebar. Rachel Lucas doesn't use that domain anymore. You can find her blog at:



I like everything about your presentation, except...I don't break the yolk. I like my eggs over-medium...and then put them on top of the toast and then break the yolk. You get that delicious, creamy yolk all over the bread and egg whites...yum!


See, now ... your only problem with the egg is that you get it to "firm up some" ... Now, Gully ... runny eggs are just d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g! Give me a good firm egg every time. (BTW, your bacon, egg & cheese sammich looks lots better than what you can get at McD's!)

Remember, if you switch to veggie bacon, the terrorists have one! (That would be home-grown terror-leftists, that is.)

Long live pork! (no, wait, that doesn't work for bacon at all, does it?) ummmmm....

Bring on the bacon!!! (yep, that's *much* better!)


Pan fried bacon is good but if you want great bacon you need to grill it! I use either a propane or charcoal grill every Sunday morning to grill up my bacon. Perfect every time and almost zero cleanup. :)

Flaming Phonebook

New Yorkers are, of course, free to substitute a Kaiser Roll (soon to be renamed a Mullah roll) for the toast. Folks from the rest of the country, while we love you, you can't get a Kaiser roll (and may not know what it is. Think a hamburger bun, only 3x the size, with a crusty outside, and poppy seeds instead of sesame). And then the question raised by so many deli-counter guys: "Saltpepperketchup?" Truly as American as Old Glory, The Declaration of Independence, and kicking Al Qaeda rear.


Ohhhhhh, you have just made me so hungry!


For all of you bacon lovers, you are aware, I hope, that there is a bacon-of-the-month club? They've been fighting the terrorists since before it was cool:


Mmmmmm.........Bacon! Having lived in the south for several years, (orignally from Eugene, lived in Salem several years) I've learned to eat the Bacon, Egg and Cheese with biscuits! Big biscuits! And lots of Bacon! And Bacon with PORK sausage! And PORK sausage gravy! On biscuits! Is it lunchtime yet? It's good to be an American! HooAhh!!

No, not that Glenn

I'm disappointed you didn't work some onions in. Nothing perfumes a house like the fragrance of onions frying in bacon fat. Mmmmmmmm.


If you like your bacon medium, then non-stick is OK. But if you want crispy bacon, you need to go with properly seasoned cast iron. And cleanup is just as easy with the cast iron. Copper scrubbie and hot water, you're done.


Also, get a wire-rack and ditch the paper towels for draining. Same for fried chicken, or fried pretty much anything.


Personally, I could do without bacon most days, though I do eat it more than I used to because that is what is served in the cafeteria where I work.

No, what I prefer is ham. All kinds of ham, of all varieties.

When I tuck into a nice, sweet salty slab of tender ham, I never fail to thank God for America and for Jesus ;-)

The Islamo-idiots trying to destroy our way of life don't know that the f*** they are missing.

Great post by the way.


Personally, I could do without bacon most days, though I do eat it more than I used to because that is what is served in the cafeteria where I work.

No, what I prefer is ham. All kinds of ham, of all varieties.

When I tuck into a nice, sweet salty slab of tender ham, I never fail to thank God for America and for Jesus ;-)

The Islamo-idiots trying to destroy our way of life don't know that the f*** they are missing.

Great post by the way.


Believe me, THIS pan does crispy as well as cast iron, and the clean up is easier. I have both pans, remember?

HMIL, if you look at the photo, I think you will be satisfied that the egg is cooked enough. You want it to firm up a bit IN THE PAN before you flip, and again before you remove. Remember carry over heat! The egg is still cooking itself while it sits on your plate. By the time you are ready to eat this, there is no "runny" in the egg.

Runny is OK in some recipes, but not on anything you pick up in your hands!!!


oh yeah, next time I will try with some onions also!


yes, I already have Rachel Lucas listed in my "check daily" section. I am too dang lazy to go through all the old links and clean them up.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Bacon is good, but...

... A bacon double cheeseburger is the BEST, because it offends EVERYBODY:

* Bacon: Jews, Muslims, Buddhists
* Cheese: Jews
* Burger: Buddhists, Hindus
* Double: Christians (gluttony)

And of course, it was invented in America, so it offends the French..



and all that meat offends PETA (the eggs most of all). now, again, add some veal and foie gras...


what else can we add to make it both tasty and offensive?

garlic (offends vampires and other undead)

portwine cheese (offends tea totalers and other uppity types), plus wash it down with alcohol

there's got to be more... what am I missing?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Well, Mayo would probably offend black people.. And just make sure it's got Trans Fats to offend Mayor Bloomberg and price it at 99 cents to offend "advocates" of the poor.


That looks like a great sandwich!

Martin Lindeskog

On a similar note, here is an excerpt from my post, DANISH BACON:


I republish my post, BACON AND HAM TOAST, as a contribution to the "Buy Danish" campaign. I suggest that you drink a beer from Carlsberg brewery with the toast and then serve a Danish pastry, e.g., a Kringle, as dessert.

All the Best,

Martin Lindeskog - American in spirit.
Gothenburg, Sweden.


I like Carlsberg a lot: probably my favorite brewery for European lager beers!

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