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Friday, 30 November 2007



Fairly good fisking. For the first paragraph, I would have added that at the time, the German military was more than capable of defending its population in 1938. The right of Jews to bare arms was banned, and shortly after, we had Krystal Nacht.

I think the second paragraph is fairly honest, even if I disagree and consider the opinion based on bad reasoning seen in other paragraphs.

The third paragraph is just bad. You do a damn good fisking. I would only add that automobiles kill more people than guns, yet I bet we would find the Harvard Crimson editors would agree with Spitzer in giving illegal aliens drivers licenses. What we really need are tighter regulation on who gets driver licenses, rather than gun licenses.

They miss the point with the fourth paragraph. The reason "the right to bare arms shall not be infringed" is precisely to prevent firearms from only being a military or police weapon. You make that point well.

The fifth paragraph is simply not based on fact.

Finally, the 2nd amendment is not dated. It's as important today as it was over 200 years ago. It is why the USA remains free, and Darfur and Bangladesh are not.

Again good job... just adding to the fisk.


Very nice.

Romney and Mike for president 2008

[this comment, which consisted entirely of entire copyrighted articles that were illegally copied and pasted, has been deleted - Resistance is futile!]

The Brottons make Republicans look bad - maybe they are really democrat pagan activists in disguise?

[do NOT copy/paste huge articles (most of which are violations of copyright) into my comments, you stupid ignorant idiots - paste the article onto your own blogs, post a LINK in my comments, and do it ONCE and ONLY once - if you do this crap ONE MORE TIME then I will have no choice to not only ban you, but to encourage every Oregon, conservative, or Christian blogger I know to shun you - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! - Resistance is futile!]

Dragon Deuce

Way to stick it to those Haaaarvard sophomores. They should probably try to get their tuition refunded as bad as their education must be.

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