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Wednesday, 12 December 2007



well, i have to say i didn't hear the show today and i don't even know who Gilchrist is. one thing i do know is that the media and other republicans are doing everything they can to avoid mentioning Ron Paul or the amount of support he is getting. if people would just look at his reasoning behind some of his stances i think they will see how much more FREE he believes America should be. The very same FREE we were intended to be. I like Thompson, but Ron Paul Rocks my world. and the only reason i dismissed him initially is because i thought he had no chance so why bother? But as I look around I AM SEEING a lot of support for him and I am also seeing a message that is REAL and Rings true to me and the Constitution I believe in. Check him out! and see if he is not everything America needs right now!

Patrick Joubert Conlon

I never was much of a Gilchrist fan. (He used to belong to the woo-woo Constitution Party before switching back to the GOP.) But I still am puzzled. Gilchrist is a conservative Catholic. The only explanation is that he's just as dumb as Hickabee and thinks the Huckster's going to win and wants an in.

Right as Rain

Gilchrist just hopped on a bandwagon that's about to crash into a brick wall.

In general the endorsement game is more about the endorser than the endorsee. Gilchrist thinks he can help his movement by backing someone he thinks will be a winner. He likely understands that Huckabee is not likely to get a big bounce from the endorsement.


The media is ignoring Ron Paul because he is a kook with a tiny following. Anyone who thinks we need to go back to the gold standard is not fit to be Commander in Chief.

I suppose I should do a post on the gold standard soon...


according to wikipedia 'Paul says he "wouldn't exactly go back on the gold standard"[23], but would push to relegalize gold and silver as legal tender"'


And that's a big canard: EVERYTHING is already "legal tender" because you have the basic common law right under contract to say "hey, I'll trade you this piece of gold for that bag of groceries." And the other person has the right to say "no thanks, I prefer cash," just like they have the right to refuse personal checks or credit cards.

Gold is a very poor choice for trade, because its value fluctuates so much. Worse, most of the world's gold is not inside the U.S. That means foreigners can manipulate the value of gold by putting of it into the market.

Yes, I will defintely do a post on this. But not today. I've got stuff to do.


quick final note:

wikipedia is not a good source. In a recent debate, Paul himself said American currency was counterfeit around the world because we abandoned the gold standard and if elected he would abolish the Federal Reserve.

His words.


It's so funny to me that you brought up Lars, because when I read this in your previous post:

"My only explanation is that Gilchrist has looked into the magic mirror and seen Huckabee winning the nomination, and now he wants to play inside ball with a winner instead of standing up for principles."

I immediately thought of Lars and his endorsement switch to Ron Saxton. Hey Lars -- how'd that work out for you? Probably about as well as Gilchrist's decision.

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