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Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Patrick Joubert Conlon

I expected the negative reporting from the regular MSM but I was disgusted that Fox also did it. I think you've nailed it - they had already picked their candidate. It was obvious that Roger Ailes of Fox had definitely already picked Rudy.


With Rudy falling below the most un-Rudy-like candidate, I wonder how the MSM Rudybots will react?

Will they run a scorched Earth campaign against Huck to get Rudy back on top?

Or will they look for a surging alternative like McCain?

PD Quig

Thompson's a good guy, but frankly he lost me with his Hamlet-like entrance into the race. Then he stumbled in several early appearances, which cooled enough people who were otherwise looking for the conservative in the Republican woodpile. Unfortunately (and inexplicably to my way of viewing the world) a sizeable portion of voters who should have been in Fred's camp flowed to Huckabee Hound. How people calling themselves "conservative" could support Huckabee is a mystery to me. Evidently they don't read much.

Right as Rain

We shouldn't whine about "MSM Bias"--the bias of the MSM is toward conventional wisdom. Sometimes that hurts our side, but it often helps our side--Hilary is cold, Al Gore makes stuff up, John Kerry is humorless, the Democrat Party is full of wimps.

I haven't been impressed with Fred Thompson's campaign so far. That's not "MSM Bias", it's his campaign not doing a very good job, and helping to create a conventional wisdom that he's lazy.


And it's these idiots like the guy above me who think they need to be pizzazzed in order to vote for someone.

My message to them: Get off your asses, start researching. Thompson is consistent. These others are not.


What do you want Fred to do? Come to your house and dance for you?


Please, take the "Fred is lazy, I'm not impressed" narrative out behind the barn and shoot it. Sakaki and Gullyborg nailed it: this isn't entertainment. We are looking for someone to lead on solving problems.

I always thought conservatives looked at content while liberals were all about style. If you can't get with Fred's thoughtful positions, check yourself. His report on reducing government waste is one example of a grown-up thinking about a problem and coming up with a workable solution.

It takes balls to come up with a Social Security solution. Fred seems tough enough to lead while he is gripping the "third rail" of American politics.


Besides, I think Fred is the most entertaining, hands down (pa dump bump!)


I just do not want that damn Huckabee to be the nominee, because then I may just have to vote for a Democrat to kill his chances.

I'd rather just nuke Arkansas and get it over with...except for Bensonville. Wal-Mart's headquarters needs to stay. And Texarkana.

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