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Thursday, 24 July 2008


independent thinker

I've seen this crap on tv and hate it. After reading this, I went to their website to see if I could complain to somebody, and was shocked to see that their front page features the guy in the photo above - same green shirt and guitar. And then they have the nerve to proclaim in big letter that "you've seen the commercial!"

Yep. Seen it. Hated it. Not using your company. Changing channels from now on.

Just a Dog

It's a sign of the times - crappy commercials to complement the crappy TV shows.

Now, with forced government mandates everyone will be able to upgrade from analog crap to digital crap!

Ah, progress!


Don't get me started on the digital crap...


It's become almost Pavlovian for me now, the second I hear that commercial, the mute button is on.

I have noticed that they are running the disclaimer that the "FREE CREDIT REPORT" is only available if you buy a subsription for a lot of other @#%!. I guess there have been more than a few complaints to the BBB.

The commercial has run its course. Get a new ad agency folks!

And DIE!


But then, you can always give LegalZoom everything they would ever want to know about you and your possessions.

Best yet, you can share all that with the inventor of LegalZoom, Robert Shapiro who helped OJ escape his punnishmsnt.


"Not only is the singer an ugly and dirty hippie pig"

You pretty much lost my confidence in this post when you said that.

I thought the conservatives were the civilized ones.

Instead you decide to insult someone you have never talked to in real life. An actor who is doing a job. Then you take a commercial wildly out of context.

This is pretty much why a good chunk of america hates you.

14 Karat

What do you expect? The actor dude is French Canadian and the company is a ridiculous faceless corporation pandering to those who rely exclusively on jingles to manage their finances : )



Ummm, "kevin"? Get a grip. The CHARACTER is a smelly hippie. Look at him. He is dirty, unshaven, wearing a sweaty warm up suit, playing guitar with his unkept hair while his wife does the chores for him. The actor might be a wonderful nice person in real life, but what appears in the commercial does not reflect that. And I don't buy for a second that you had any confidence in this post before you said that. Your attitude towards conservatives betrays your real attitude. Sounds like you are the hateful one, and all you really want to do here is foam you little troll.


The commercial is 100% right. It is about entering marriage with all the information you need about your future spouse. If your wife to be hid significant information from you then the marriage can be annulled. And that includes debt, inability to pay bills, and so on. I don't want to live in a world where any bimbo can run up her credit cards balances and then marry some moron so HE can clean up her mess. Such a woman would deserve to be dumped, sanctity of marriage be damned.


Plissken, you ARE single, right? Because odds are you won't find a bride with a dowry these days. Unless you live in Saudi Arabia, of course.


Best way to do a background check on a possible spouse: Have her attempt to buy a gun at a gun show.


How the hell did we get from spouses hiding their debts to dowries? You must have a major brain malfunction!
And to answer your question, yes I'm married. I have been for quite a while. And my wife had less than perfect credit when we met, but she was honest about it and we worked together to fix it.
All that bullshit about the sanctity of marriage stems from one place: the moral majority. All those pricks have managed to do is pussify the conservative movement.
If you're old enough you might remember a time when being a conservative had nothing to do with spending your Sunday morning listening to some fat idiot unfit for any kind of real job tell you how to live your life.
With your dowry rant you sound like some kind of feminist. I bet you give to panhandlers too for fear of being labeled uncaring by your liberal neighbors.



The "freecreditreport.com" jerks got sued over deceptive trade practices - I think it was the FTC but not sure - they ended up with something like a $300K fine and have to insert that disclaimer ("offer applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage") in their advertising.


[duplicate - sorry!]


[duplicate - sorry!]


[duplicate - sorry!]


Wow Terry, same post 3 times! Are you so eager to apear reaganesque that you're working on an early Alzheimer's ?



Server malfunctions happen. Nice to see how caring you are that you assume this is caused by mental illness and not a computer glitch. You sure are a sick, mean, twisted bastard. Take your anti-Christian hate-filled rants somewhere else.

Marriage and family values are not just "moral majority" issues, but conservative issues and American issues.

For your information, my wife and I don't go to church and don't listen to Dr. Dobson or any other snake charmer like him.

But we DO think our marriage is sacred.

Sakaki wrote:

"Best way to do a background check on a possible spouse: Have her attempt to buy a gun at a gun show."

BRILLIANT! That actually checks two important things at once: is she a felon, and is she competant in dealing with an arms merchant.



Getting lectured on hate and insensitivity ?!? This is freaking priceless. Do you even realize how PC you are? Fundamentally your brain is wired the same as those dirty hippies you claim to despise. They jump my shit if I say something about lazy minorities, you get your panties in a bunch when I talk about those dumbass christians. The taboos are different but the general mechanism is the same. You are the epitome of today's pussified conservative.

Non-Secular Humanist

The lack of self-awareness exhibited in this blog is just astounding.

First off, there's this post about the "sanctity of marriage" appearing below a couple of girlie pictures. Give me a break.

Then there's the judgment that the person shown in the commercial is a "dirty hippy" because he's unkempt, while the picture of the blogger in the upper right corner shows a man who is...unkempt.

And this blogger, who has threatened to ban people because of multiple posts (despite the fact that this blog seems to have a technical difficulty that leads to more multiple posts than any other blog) is now a defender of those who accidentally make multiple posts.

But the big one is that he's claiming to be a big-time defender of the Prince of Peace in a blog post headlined "Die! Die! Die!" and that begins with wishing a slow, painful death on another person.

Three days after this was posted, a man consumed with hate for liberals, entered a church and killed two people. In his house was found books by hate-mongers Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity.

You'd think that might trigger some introspection among those on the right, but it appears that their violent language continues unabated.


"you get your panties in a bunch when I talk about those dumbass christians"

Actually, I bitch about those dumbass christians all the time. I am constantly having to defend myself against attacks by Bible thumping bigots. If you actually read what I have written over the years instead of judging me by two posts (the same way you are judging a criminal by his having a Michael Savage book), you'd know better.


For new readers, please see my post on Theology 101:



addendum to previous comment:

the post mentioned above has been reposted with today's date and comments active. if you want to comment, use the fresh link here:


other than the date and introductory sentence, the new post is identical.

Non-Secular Humanist

In a comment to your Theology post, you stated:

"God would rather smile upon a non-practicing person who lives a life with little sin and much compassion...."

Wow, I found something where we're in agreement.

But now go and read through your archives. Do you really see "much compassion" in your posts? I sure don't.

I see someone who attacks people because they're different: They're gay, or a hippy, or fat, or they believe in Gun Control, or their political views are different from yours. And that's skimming off the top.

In fact, the modern right-wing movement in the U.S. is based on attacking those who are different, and you've gone All In.

The world will become a better place when you actually start trying to live your life with much compassion.


I've never attacked anyone for being gay.

I have never attacked anyone for being fat - although I certainly attack anyone who is morbidly obese who claims she can't afford food.

Hippies, yes, them I attack. But only the smelly commie hippies. The fun lava lamp owning tie die "let's all be happy" 60's music hippies are cool!

Now gun control and political views, ok now we get to the meat and potatoes. What you really mean to say is that you are a liberal, and as such you have no tolerance for anyone who is not a liberal. You are so blinded by your own socialist dogma you can't even see the hypocrisy of, in one comment, complaining about the "hate" on a conservative blog and then saying how much you hate conservatives.

Non-Secular Humanist


Have you thought of getting a job in a movie theater? You are adept at projection.

Yes, I'm a liberal, but that doesn't mean I "have no tolerance for anyone who is not a liberal." Nor did I say anything about hating conservatives.

You say you think God cares about people living their lives with "much compassion", but your compassion is very limited in scope.

It appears I struck a nerve. Perhaps you'll take this opportunity to look at why you react to my words so strongly, and see hate against conservatives in words arguing for acceptance of liberals.


I thought conservatives had no nerves?

You are the one with nothing better to do with your life than return to this same post again and again to argue with me. You are the one so full of hatred and disgust that you are compelled to do so.

Perhaps you are the one in need of retrospection.

Boy Named Sous


I assume by "some fat idiot unfit for any kind of real job" you mean pastors. Your vitriol is understandable, considering your hatred for anyone who doesn't think like you, but your characterization of pastors is mistaken.

My father was a pastor. He spent his childhood being dragged up and down the west coast by my alcoholic grandfather, but after being taken in by a family here in Lane county as a teenager, he managed to finish high school and then pay his way through bible college by working as a ranch hand in Eastern Oregon, where he also rode bulls in the local rodeo. After he graduated, he waited to enter the ministry until after serving an enlistment in the U.S. Navy, where he graduated at the top of his class in Sonar school, and earned an honorable discharge. When he DID enter the ministry, he chose to serve in small, rural, poor churches, where he was almost always forced to take second jobs to support his family, all the while still performing the duties of his pastorate. Those jobs included business machine repairs in the 1960's, working for a city water department operating heavy equipment, and running a small ranch in southern Oregon. In addition, his pastoral duties exptended far beyond preaching on sunday mornings, and included visiting the sick and elderly, providing counseling and support for those grieving the death of loved ones, performing weddings, funerals, organizing community service activities for the church, and serving as the janitore and handyman of the churches. He was an active volunteer in both the community and in my and my sister's schools -- he announce football, basketball, and baseball; coached little league softball; and was an active volunteer firefighter. He was an avid fisherman and hunter, a voracious reader, and an afficionado of WWII history. He was one of the most intelligent men I've ever known, and by far the most honorable.

The next time you decide to characterize a whole group of people based on your own uninformed biases, feel free, but be aware that you only reveal your own foolishness.

Non-Secular Humanist

Sous, as in most groups, there are good ministers and bad ministers, good priests and bad priests, good rabbis and bad rabbis, good sheikhs and bad sheikhs, etc.

"The next time you decide to characterize a whole group of people based on your own uninformed biases, feel free, but be aware that you only reveal your own foolishness."

I'd say there's a lot of that going on here. Look at Gully's characterizations of me and various other groups. It's interesting how he characterizes me as being full of hatred, yet I've not used hateful words, though he does it all the time, including the heading for this post.

By the way, I've known a few hippies in my day, and encountered a few "commies", and there's really no overlap. Communists are far to earnest to be hippies.

Gully is clearly a very insecure person, as his response to people who challenge them is to question their sanity.

Again, Gully, how much compassion do you think you exhibit on this blog? From my perspective, you seem to have compassion for a very small group of people.

Non-Secular Humanist

"I thought conservatives had no nerves?"

I don't believe I ever said that.


Anyone who doubts that "Non-Secular Humanist" is a hater can simply click on his link.

Case closed.

And, as these comments no longer have anything to do with the commercial, comments closed.

The comments to this entry are closed.

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