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Wednesday, 09 September 2009


Independent Thinker

You are right, except for one thing. It was not so unprecedented. Behold, democrats booing GWB during his address:


And Wilson did apologize - but that is just being a gentleman. I fully agree with the sentiment of his outburst. Remember, there was a time in this country when politicians weren't afraid to pound their fists and scream "give me liberty, or give me death!" in the face of opposition.


Tried to hit his web page after his comment. Then tried again later. And, again later.

He was getting some hits.


Good roundup here:



I agree that, in "normal" times, this would be inappropriate ... but as you said, these are not normal times. He said his "sorry", and at the time Pelosi & Co. said they wanted to move on ... more like they didn't want to draw attention to the fact that not all of Congress is marching lock-step with ObaMao.

I have to applaud his inadvertent outburst that basically declared that "The Emperor is Nekkid!" because it opened up the healthcare debate as it applies to illegals and the benefits they're not supposed to (but *do*) receive. At least Congress is talking about it again, and the conservatives are finally growing some spine and speaking up, too.

Keep it up, Gully. I'm *so* glad to see you blogging again, especially now that Atkinson's in the mix.

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