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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Independent Thinker

I see ACORN and the "murderous" organizer are now saying "yeah, we made it all up to mess with them."

OK - let's assume the woman lied. I think it will be easy enough to verify if her husband was shot dead or not. So let's just say she made that up.

SO WHAT?!?!?!

If you have people coming in your office that you think are messing with you, is it a valid response to encourage them to break laws, cheat on taxes, abuse child sex slaves, and murder people who get in your way?!?!?!

No, if I thought people were coming in to mess with me, I'd play it straight up - tell them "no, don't break the law" and "we can help you get out of this bad situation and turn your life around."

See, that sort of response would actually HELP the organization.

That's why I think that - while she may have been lying about murder - she was still actually trying to encourage the couple to break the law. I believe she exaggerated her own history, making up lies about murder, to bolster her own cred. Now that she is busted on camera, she and her ACORN overlords are using the fact that she lied to spin a yarn about "knowing it was a set up" *wink wink* *nudge nudge*.

Yeah... and I got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you... and we can rub out any witnesses who get in the way...


I certainly believe the ACORN worker was lying about the scope of her criminal past. But I don't believe she was "playing a Colbert" as they are saying now. That just doesn't make amy sense... and frankly, she didn't come off as savvy enough to think that up on the spot and pull it off.

No, I believe she was exaggerating about her criminal past simply as a braggart to puff herself up in front of "kindred spirits." I believe she had every intention to facilitate criminal activity.



Aren't they tied at the hip?

And, aren't they on the border of Honduras with the criminal who remains intent on overthrowing the constitutional government of that nation?


SEIU. Thugs. ACORN? Could they be thugs, too?


SIU thugs? But of course? I don't doubt it for a second, considering their heavy-handed tactics ... trying to unionize people who don't *want* to be unionized ... and *so* much more.

Some people don't like Glenn Beck, and I'm not one who goes out of my way to watch his show ... but it happened to come on while I was home yesterday, and he presented his "Tree of Revolution", which shows some pretty strong ties to all these groups.

This should be causing *lots* of concern, but the narcoleptic sheeple are still dozing ... they don't want to see anything that might be scary so, like the red-haired character in Renaissance Man, they choose to take a nap so they don't have to face it.

Oh, and Thinker ... I agree with you ... this is exactly what I figured ACORN would do once it finally began to rain down on them. Corrupt organizations/companies do it all the time. Leave the key players in place, but move and change the name. Nothing changes but the sign on the building and/or letterhead.


anyone interested in Glenn Beck's "Tree of Revolution" can see it here



Oh, and Gully ... if people freak out 'cause you "went there", it's on them. The post I get the most traffic on (and have for a while) is the one with the link to "Fascinating Comparison of Obama and Hitler" ... I gave the link and credit, but posted the whole article 'cause I know a lot of people won't actually follow the link.... but it hasn't stopped getting traffic since I posted it and sometimes it's 60% of my last 100 hits!!

Some people are paying attention, even if it's to the concerns being raised in passing conversation ... we have to keep up the fight and get people to pay attention.

I'm hoping that once they pay attention, they'll get concerned/scared enough that they'll turn back to God (or to Him for the first time). If that happens as a result of something I've posted, I can die a happy woman. Of course, I don't count on actually knowing ....


Sadly, my post with the most hits is this one:



(Laughed out loud.)


This is truly amazing. This administration, the Pelosi led congress, ACORN, and the mainstream media are ducking and dodging like crazy, pulling their hair, and pounding their fists in the dirt in the wake of this national sensation. Nobody except Fox and an angry nation took the ball and ran with it. It is amazing that Marines can be wrongly accused of war crimes and still be crucified in the press, such as the false accusations made by John Murtha, yet ACORN is given a free pass to commit felony crimes including the conspiracy to commit the international and interstate smuggling of child prostitutes and simply be ignored. No. Not now. Not this time. This administration and this leftist congress were swept into office with ACORN as the advance unit. Now they'll all be swept out as quickly as they came in; again, with ACORN in the lead.

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