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Sunday, 27 September 2009



Just heard Obama wants to extend school year and/or school hours.

Before they force kids to sit for even longer in failed schools, they need to fix the problem!

No school vouchers = no competition

monopoly = strong teachers union

teaching political correctness instead of a real education = failed schools

D.C. and Chicago have 50% - 75% drop out rates, but they spend almost twice the national average per student! California has the highest paid teachers and the 2nd WORST test scores!!

More money or time in school is not what is needed! COMPETITION between schools is what is needed. Teacher pay and job stability based on merit, not on longevity is what is needed. Get rid of the teacher's union! Get the Fed Gov't out of the classroom!!

Read: "Against School" which was written by an NYC Teacher of the Year

It will break your heart to read how our system is robbing our children of an education that would actually improve their lives... our children are being used as pawns to increase the power of politicians and unions.


Then, watch: How To Brainwash A Nation


Yuri Bezmenov is an ex-KGB agent that gave interviews/lectures in the 1980's where he described in detail how Marxism/Leninism was being disseminated in U.S. public schools through a process called "Ideological Subversion". It describes to a tee what has happened to America over the last 40 - 50 years.

Also, read the American Thinker article: From Russia With No Love

It is an excellent article about the 4 stages of Ideological Subversion. You will recognize all of the tactics... they are being used against us every day.

From Russia With No Love: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/08/from_russia_with_no_love.html


We don't need longer school day's! We need more teachers and funding to open more school's. Classroom sizes here are about 25+. Teachers are stretched thin and can't work with each child individually.


Oh give me a break. When I went to school, class sizes were about 30 kids per room and it was ranked one of the best public schools in the nation by US News & World Report. Half my graduating class went to elite top-tier universities and about 98% went to college.

Catholic schools tend to have even high class sizes, do not receive public money, and usually have much better academic records than public schools in the same area.

You are just regurgitating the same tired old NEA union crap without providing ANY fact-based evidence to link class sizes or budgets to academic performance.



Found this on MSNBC yesterday. Took me awhile to find it on the net, but it is definately worth watching.

It's sad that MSNBC has such a poor reputation. Chances are you saw this show as you were surfing, but what are the chances you'd actually watch something of value on MSNBC?



Gully, you have far more faith in the youth of today than I have. The mere fact that they got duped by Obama-mania in so many ways tell me that they lack the critical evaluative skills to see though that sort of bulltwaddle.

Sir Winston was right, when you're young, politics is all emotion.


It is a mixed signal. On the one hand, the youth lacks the historical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to make an informed decision. On the other hand, youth is getting involved - something it hasn't done before.

The problem isn't the youth themselves. It is the societal norms that have allowed kids to live for 18 years without learning basic facts about civics or thinking for themselves.

Fix this problem, and kids will make smart decisions - and will appreciate the value of work as well.


lets create jobs out of nowhere, and let the tax payers pay for it. while we spend $300 dollars per toilet seats overseas...
www.blogtoilet.com Two Voices, Two Guys.


These kids won't be kids next time there is an election- it'll be a whole new crop of dumb-as-dirt 18 year-olds. That's part of the fascist appeal- it's a youth movement. Doesn't have to accomplish anything, just has to move them, emotionally.

Hopefully these kids will be adults with a bot more sense about them, and will vote appropriately.


Yes, need to reach them while they are still young kids and learning - otherwise when they are adults at 18 they are not ready for life as an adult (or to vote).

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