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Wednesday, 10 February 2010



Hey Gully! Good thing we've got Mrs. ObozO on the case...our kids will be healthy and fit when some terrorist blows up their school!

I've known a bunch of kids that joined the service that were obese. My oldest son was one. He was recruited, they put him on about a 6 month training regime, he lost about 50 pounds, and when he hit basic training, he was ahead of the game over the guys that didn't have to push themselves ahead of time.

Anybody can get in the service if they want to put out the effort. Sheeesh!

Damned Fine Woman

Obviously stupid, weak-minded fools incapable of understanding the nuance of the situation huh? Nice!

How depressing...I need a cookie!

bad credit cash advance

How safe is safe enough? If we spend 11 per cent of our Olympic budget on security and some loony-tune still gets too close for comfort to the U.S. vice-president, and if some others push down a fence at a concert, should we up the spending to 12 per cent? Or 15? Or 20? Is it "good enough" that airplanes are already far safer than cars, and that terrorist acts in Canada have managed to kill no one since Air India, 25 years ago? Or does this mean we're getting full value for all the security money we spend?

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