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Friday, 03 September 2010


Apply for va loan

Unemployment is actually much higher.
The no longer count students, people on SSI and people who are unemployed but no longer receiving unemployment benefits.
Bush won, Obama


Yes but at least with Obama there has been a major increase in the industry of producing anti-Obama bumper stickers.


Now Run those numbers using November 2008 Bush deficit#s Then make sure to add in the cost for the Iraq War (Not shown in the Bush Budgets, but included in the Obama side, why?)
Finally lets look at the 3 Trillion Clinton era surplus squandered during the Bush administration then neatly passed on to the current administration. 3 trillion surplus to this!

All told these accounting corrections to your skewed comparison would negate your disingenuous manure. Nice Try, but evidently Donkeys remember better than Elephants.


Yeah, and then try looking at how Reagan cut taxes, revenues INCREASED 100%, but spending under a democrat controlled Congress increased 200%. Oh, you donks forget, too, don't you?

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