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Monday, 20 September 2010


Jim Knowlton

I don't know...I hear this all the time...but I think she was a terrible candidate, and I'm hardly a Washington elitist...I live in Oregon and have a regular job and a family. And I also am a conservative who always votes for the most conservative candidate.

I think qualifications matter. Are you really going to argue that she is in the same class qualifications-wise as Pat Toomey? Or Marco Rubio? They got elected...she didn't. It's not because she was conservative, or a woman. And it wasn't because she wasn't a "beltway insider" either. Rand Paul was hardly a beltway insider. It's because she just wasn't seen as a serious candidate, and that's because she just doesn't have the wealth of experience it takes to be taken as a serious candidate. I'm not saying I would not have voted for her...I would have. But to suggest that the ONLY reason people like Rove didn't like her is because she wasn't an insider is false.


"Doesn't have much money"
Doesn't *any* money, has never had a job of any description in the past five years.
Lied about her "education" repeatedly.
Claimed to be a Constitutional expert but has no idea what is is the Constitution.
Is currently under investigation for stealing campaign cash.
Completely unqualified for any job including flipping burgers or washing cars, much less a seat in the United States senate.

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