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Thursday, 13 October 2011



I like Cain a lot. A lot sharper than folks make him out to be.

But he does not have the cash nor the organization to take it to the end. The MSM will jump on him soon and in order to respond you need a lot of cash to by-pass them, or a large organization to counter act them.

I do not like what I am expecting to see out of the MSM when it comes. It will be ugly and will tear up a good man. But he will not be able to respond.

That's the one thing that Perry has going for him. Even though Mitt has been campaigning for four years, Perry still has more cash on hand than Romney. And Perry has a much much lower burn rate.


Romney strikes me as a Democrat. And let's face it: he's been out there for so long that he should be either wildly popular, or stale. Far as I'm concerned, he's past his pull date.

I liked Perry, before he went all "compassionate conservative" during that debate. For God's sake, if all you're gonna do is shoot yourself in the foot, leave the gun at home! He started off looking okay, but seems to have entered a death-spiral.

Now, Cain - I've liked him from the start. The guy's smart, knows business, and knows money as head of one of the fed branches. I agree with Coyote that the organization isn't there - nor the cash. On the other hand, those are fix-able. Where I disagree with the dog is in the area of media demonization: Coyote figures he'll get Palinized; I don't think they can do it without falling victim to their very own racism meme.

In many ways, Palin set herself up. Between abandoning the governorship and the whole set of family issues, the targets were in place, and the media delighted in shooting at them. And of course, there were the many idiots like Jack Bogdanski and other Airhead Americans, whipping up conspiracies regarding Trig (the Down's Syndrome kid) and anything else they could think of.

Cain doesn't have nearly as many targets on him, and if he can get some organization and cash together, I don't think there's any question that he can beat Barry.


As I heard someone opine about Romney earlier today, "If he couldn't beat McCain last time 'round for the GOP nomination, what makes anyone think he can take it this time?" He seemed strong to many last time, but in the end, he left a bad enough taste in people's collective mouths that he didn't get the bid.

I don't think Romney'll fare much better this time, seeing as how lately he seems not to be able to find a side of an issue that he doesn't like ... at least temporarily.

The more I hear from Herman Cain, the better I like him. He's clear, concise, very intelligent, articulate, unafraid to call a spade a spade ... and he can use that term to mean gardening and no one can call him a racist with any conviction. Well, the professional race baiters will try, but people are *FINALLY* beginning to see through them. Let's just hope the minority voters are able to get clear of the Kool Aid fog!


The only thing different between Romney 2008 and Romney today is that Romney/Obama Care is now a big anchor around his neck. So consider this: take the exact same Romney who couldn't inspire in 2008, only now make him the poster child for OBAMACARE. Right there is the reason why Romney will never break above 30% in the GOP Primaries.

John eyler

Cain strikes me as the only guy in the field with true leadership potential.The MSM will destroy him as we've all seen the beginnings of that this past week. The issue is not "Can Cain beat Obama?" He can. The issue is will republicans and conservatives quit listening to the MSM pundits who say he can't win because he doesn't have the money. The money will come if people get off fence. Romney and Perry are embarrassments to free men. Both are men who believe in the institutions they wish to lead instead of the individuals they say they want to lead. In this way they are very much like Obama. Cain is not "of the machine" - he will make gaffs from time to time but I believe his instincts will serve us well and that he will recoil from selling out the American people. Romney and Perry sold out long ago.

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