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Sunday, 20 November 2011


Tom Wiley

Excellent analysis, I couldn't agree more.

Zendo Deb

While I agree that the consultants should go, there is a bit of "fighting the last war" to be thought about.

How many of troops do we have stationed in Germany, Italy and the UK in preparation for the invasion of the Warsaw Pact? Why are we subsidizing the national security budgets of France and Germany? Maybe they couldn't afford it in 1945, but surly they can afford it today.

Why are we paying for the defense of South Korea? They are a modern, relatively rich country. While it might have made sense to pay for their defense in 1960, it makes no sense to do so today. Couldn't they match the North in any technology race?

Abandon them? No. Ask them to pay their share? Yes. Ask them to stand on their own when they can? Certainly.

Do we need a military presence everywhere we have one?

Do we really need another nuclear carrier group? Will the Chinese newly developed missile threat against carriers make them a poor investment in a few years time? What if they prove to be too vulnerable to this new weapons system?

The Air Force is one of my favorite examples. They would love to kill the A10 (or whatever it has morphed into) because low-tech, slow-moving, heavily armored airplanes don't show up in Tom Cruise movies. The fact that is the best at what it does - close air support - seems to be beside the point. It isn't where the AF wants to be.

Readiness is one thing. Wasting money is something different altogether.

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