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Friday, 31 August 2012



A perfect metaphor, as Obama's appeal has always been based on a foundation of shifting sand.

John in Cincinnati

He and his team and his supported just continue to set him up for joke after joke. Sweet.

Rich Berger

Looks more like Fred Armisen.


Looks more like Steve Martin than Barack Obama.


You know, if the Republicans had built that at their convention, the press would be howling about what a racist caricature it is.


Ha ha, well done!


I can see the Tee Shirts and bumper stickers now.

They simply say: Ozymandias

...Where the good old 0bama pepsi symbol replaces the O.


"Ozmandias" is an old favorite of mine. It says it all.

Obama will be as fondly remembered as Herbert Hoover.

Pat in Michigan

Oh my..


Wrong. It's feet of CLAY.


"NBA legend Bill Walton, when reached for comment, was at a loss to explain why a giant sculpture of him in a swim cap was on display at the Democratic National Convention"


Obama's foundation is built on sand .....

seems like I've heard that somewhere before ... some old book ...

Not bob

Ozy-mockery. Cool.


But introducing Ozymandias is racist! (I am not sure what race he was, he being Egyptian, but it was some race, and it is making fun of that African race!)

Dave E.

Hey, that inscription reads "Resident of the United States." Is that some sort of racist dog whistle? Quick, somebody notify "Tingles" Mathews.


How fitting to have great Presidents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt carved in solid granite, their great accomplishments, and their likenesses, standing the test of time. Likewise, how fitting to have Obama carved in sand, his accomplishments to be swept away by a few waves.

Gary Smith

Hey, it's former major league ballplayer Walter "No Neck" Williams (not to be confused with the legendary economist)!


Well, they got the mono-toothy grin about right, but the ears don't stick out enough...

Degree of likely durability is pretty close, though.

The ever-shifting Sands Of Time - "short-term", so to speak...




Wow, woke up to an Instalanche! Thank you, Glenn Reynolds!

Homer J.

Obama's gonna need that mouth guard when he steps into the ring with Romney.

It won't be pretty.

Steve S.

Why are they doing the sculpture in black and white instead of in color?

Flavius Minimus

0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 +... = 0
Why the lemon wedge in his mouth?

Caroline Smith

Looking at this makes me like Romney even more. No one will ever feel the need to make sand sculptures of Romney, nor would he want them to. This just makes Romney look even more serious and Presidential.

Sandy Greeley

This is the most narcissistic evidence of O's ego. Good grief. Why would any sane person want this ghastly tribute????????


I didn't recognize him - his head was tilted down and not back. I'm used to seeing Obama's nostrils.

Bob P. in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Good thing western North Carolina doesn't have much seismic activity. Balloons failing to drop would be nothing compared to video of a sand sculpture disintegrating in a tremor. "oh the humanity!"


Shouldn't this be:
"Look on my words, ye Mighty, and despair!" ?


looks like al jolson to me


The more apt poem is "The Sphinx of the Tuileries" by Lincoln's secretary, John Hay. http://www.daypoems.net/poems/1528.html




You couldn't make this stuff up....


It is "works" not "words." The point of the poem is that when the monument was made, the king had an empire to behold around him, but now there is nothing but sand in the desert.


Yeah, Gullyborg, but with 0bama it's words.

I really miss the Carnival of the Cordite, it almost forced me to write a little something every week. anyhow, haven't been here in a while so, hi, pal!


PETE! Glad to hear from you! And good point on the "words," but I think it still works with "works" for Obama, in that he thinks his words ARE works, even though there is nothing there but ruin.

A. Stephenson

it's embarressing now, that our President is such an egomaniac, but it won't be funny when he tries to have a real sculpture done to memorialize himself. what a jerk.

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